About Sarah Lifton

Illustration by Michele Stewart

If your organization's last promotional piece reads as if it was written by space aliens, maybe it's time to hire a professional (writer, not space alien). Someone who speaks your language and, more importantly, can translate your message into the language of your audience. Someone whose approach is down to earth but whose track record is out of this world.

Someone like, well, me.

For over two decades, I've specialized in creating highly effective materials for educational institutions and the nonprofit sector that are light years away from the ordinary: attention-grabbing brochures, persuasive grant proposals, feature articles, newsletters, direct mail solicitations, ads, speeches, scripts, annual reports, case statements and books. I'm able to shift course at warp speed, readily addressing topics ranging from health care, math/science education, public education, engineering and technology to development, the social sciences, humanities and arts.

Along the way I've pleased a galaxy of demanding clients that includes nearly every major university in Southern California, innovative and accomplished K-12 schools, and many leading healthcare and nonprofit organizations.

So if your organization is looking for someone who can beam your message to the cosmos, explore my Web site and then drop me a line.

I'll do my best to send you over the moon.



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