Partial List of Funded Proposals

California State University, Fullerton (CSUF)

  • TASEL-M (NSF, $6.4 million)
  • TEST:UP (NSF, $1.5 million)
  • HHMI Scholars Program (HHMI, $1.2 million)
  • CoAST (CPEC, $1.2 million)
  • Project INTENT (NSF, $1.1 million)
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer (NSF, $350,295)
  • Electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometer (NSF, $339,266)
  • CSUF Undergraduate Reform Initiative (NSF, $200,000)
  • ConCEPT course and curriculum development project (NSF, $200,000)
  • Pathways through Calculus (NSF, $149,494, extended 12 months for $14,400)
  • Pilot project in accounting, auditing and financial management training
    (National Training Foundation of the Russian Federation)
  • Inter-Americas High-Technology Business Partnership Project
    (co-venture with the Orange County World Trade Center)

California Academy of Mathematics and Science

  • Engineering lab equipment (California State 1D funds, $220,000)
  • Boilerplate proposal for operating funds, submitted to multiple donors who in turn supported the school (various proposals ranging from $20,000 to $1 million)
  • Special projects (Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, $250,000)
  • Proposals to corporations, foundations and individuals for new facilities (three at $500,000, one at one at $300,000, one at $250,000, one at $150,000, one at $50,000)
  • Technology and programmatic support (Boeing Company, $60,000 and $65,000;
    Norris Foundation, $25,000, $30,000, $40,000 and $45,000)

University of California, San Diego

  • Kavli Brain and Mind Institute (Kavli Foundation, $7.5 million)
  • Private donor, endowed fellowship in the social sciences ($500,000)
  • Private donor, endowed fellowship in health sciences ($250,000)

University of Southern California

  • Leavey Library (private donor, $1 million)
  • Asia Pacific Institute for Global Industrial Leadership
    (prospectus; institute was funded by Taiwanese government)

The California State University

  • Mathematics Readiness Project (Eisenhower State Grant Program in Mathematics and Science, $153,000)

St. Mary Medical Center, Long Beach

  • Various proposals to foundations and corporations, ranging from $30,000 to
    $100,000 for different capital campaign priorities

Inner City Education Foundation, Los Angeles

  • Walton Family Foundation, two grants at $250,000 each


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